Saturday, February 18, 2006

We're at 38.7%!

To quote my wife, "Seeeeeee!"
My response, "D-oh!"

This is truly a roller coaster ride, but the Lord is faithful. My wife is the optimist and I'm the realist (or as my wife says, "pessimist"). We are at a higher percentage than we had thought. Thanks to the God who provides and to all of you who are riding this roller coaster with us. Keep praying!

Adding a little flavor to the blog with some pics

We thought that we would spice things up a bit by adding some pictures. This first picture is from our trip to Trujillo last summer. We are in the midst of some students who welcomed us with open arms. We had fun practicing our rough spanish, but they were very helpful (there were only a few laughs!). Next to Heather is Ísabel and her husband, Gerado who works with the university students.

On an evening out with the missionaries and a mission team from New England, we went to a restaurant called La Casa de Don Antonio (la comida estúve muy deliciosa). We were treated to a native Peruvian dance & Heather snapped this amazing picture.

Mi esposa y yo estudiamos español cuando podemos encontrar el tiempo. Necisitamos aprender mucho más y estamos ansioso practicar con nuestros amigos en Perú. [Translation (I think this is what I said): My wife and I are studying Spanish when we can find the time. We need to learn much more and we are eager to practice with our friends in Peru.]