Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Teaching Opportunities

We're having some pretty cool teaching opportunities recently and a few more just on the horizon. Last week I led a Bible study from the parables of Jesus for a group of students who have come to our Friday night studies and are interested in further discipleship. Afterwards, the students asked some great questions and we had some very good discussion. My friend, Caleb Sutton who works with our language institute, did a fine job of translating for me.

I had an interesting discussion beforehand when I was chatting with several students. One of them asked me about baptism (yes, here too!)--and I panicked! The reason for it was not the difficulty of explaining different views, etc., but simply because I feel my Spanish is so insufficient for the task. I found myself wanting to say so much more than my limited vocabulary could provide. We stumbled around for a while. The great thing about folks here is that they are so patient with me and encouraging.

I'd appreciate your prayers on a couple more opportunities. This weekend, I have an opportunity to give a seminar on the topic of Vocation to university students here in Trujillo and leaders from around Peru of a student led Bible study ministry called CBU, or Comunidad Biblica Universitario. My good friend, Pablo, has been publicizing this on the campuses around Trujillo. Also on Saturday, I will be teaching on the topic of Deacons for a group of men at our church in Larco.

As well, I'm teaching a Sunday school class on the Ten Commandments ("Los Diez Mandamientos") for our church in Larco. I should finish it sometime in May. Here is a pic (thanks Allen B.!) from our class with our pastor, Ricardo Hernandez, translating for me. I'd appreciate your prayers for this as I try to apply this to Peruvian culture (of which my understanding is still so young). I enjoy these opportunities to teach, but it makes me long for the day when I will be able to do it in Spanish.

And finally, here is a pic of Heather sitting in the back row (!) with a new friend from Cananda, Susan. I post this (Heather doesn't know it yet and will probably delete this post as soon as she does), but I welcome any thoughts on what she might be thinking. My guess, "No, my husband did not just say that!"

What is your guess as to what she is saying?