Sunday, September 16, 2007

Did You Know...Shift Happens?

Another version of it can be viewed here.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Teaching at RUF

With Geraldo gone in Lima for the last several weeks, I have filled in with the teaching & preaching responsibilities. The first week I taught on Mark 2, the passage where the paralytics friends lower him into the house where Jesus was, and Jesus both healed him physically & spiritually. I talked about the new hope & transformation that Jesus brings.

This past week, I spoke from James 4 and Psalm 39 and the shortness of life. We picked up the two images the Scriptures give us in this passage--that of a vapor and of a breath--and reflected on what our lives meant in light of these two metaphors.

Here are some pics from last week. Enjoy.

Heather Campbell & Pablo Quiroz Battling It Out

Heather & our new SALI intern, Jamie Elkin.

Crowd Mixer Led by Pablo

Yours truly, Clara Lee, & Percy

Life is a Vapor

Celebrating Joshua & Pablo's Birthdays

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Justin boy is 12 years old....

Well, since today is Colton's birthday, I was reminded that I hadn't posted anything from Justin's bday party a few weeks ago so I better do it before I get in (more) trouble. Justin is 12 years old, and as they say here, No puedo creerlo--I can't believe it!. So here goes (I'll post pics of Colton's party after we have it!):

Here is a picture of Justin vanquishing his 16 year old foe at Twister.

Here is the female contingent and Abby sporting her prize for winning a game.

Here's Justin with his buds opening a present.

Here are some participants getting their game-face on.

And this was a crowd favorite: Ninja, Warrior, & Indian (Kinda like Rock, Paper, & Scissors, but more fun).

Happy Birthday Justin! We love you!!!